Why Does Our Skin Age?

The signs of aging seem to be first noticeable on our skin. Suddenly, seemingly overnight, we are covered in frown lines, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles. And, where we felt 16 one day, we find ourselves looking for wrinkle removal in Newport Beach, CA the next day. While there is certainly something to be said for growing old gracefully, that is easier said than done when everyone around you seems to look so young! But maybe, if you understood the process of ageing, you would be more acceptant of it as well.

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The Chronological Process

When we get older, our skin cells become thinner and less sticky. This makes the skin appear thinner as well. It is also stops it from functioning properly, and the skin starts to release its moisture, making it very dry. After every ten years, there is a 10% reduction in the quantity of cells, and the older we get, the slower they split. Hence, the older we get, the less able to skin is to repair itself properly.

Sun Damage

When people show signs of premature aging, this can be attributed to extreme sun exposure in 90% of cases. The sun emits UVA and UVB rays, and these impact us in a way that we are not aware of. In fact, by the time we are 20, our skin has developed all its dark spots and wrinkles, they just aren’t visible yet. Just how bad your skin will be depends on your pigment protection and how long you were exposed.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are oxygen molecules with one, instead of two, electrons inside. Electrons are supposed to come in pairs, which means that a different electron has to be added from somewhere else. This, in turn, will then lose its electron to the other particular, which means it becomes a free radical in and of itself. Free radicals damage our cells and break down our collagen, which means wrinkles will follow.

Hormonal Changes

As we age, our hormone production changes as well. For women, it is believed that a reduction in estrogen can cause the skin to age as well. However, it isn’t clear which effects it is behind, nor whether it is linked in any way to sun exposure as well. However, when there is no more estrogen in the woman’s body, her collagen levels will start to drop by 2% every year. Additionally, her skin will become 1% less thick each year as well.

Muscle Use

We all continuously make facial expressions. Doing so, however, means the skin will become less elastic, just like a rubber band that is pulled again and again.


Last but not least, there is gravity. There is literally nothing that can be done to stop gravity from happening. However, there are numerous invasive, less invasive, and completely non-invasive procedures you can take advantage of, and work hand in hand with others to do the impossible: beat gravity once and for all.