Top Cloud Hosting Providers: Feature and Cost Comparison

One of the important decisions that website owners make is the choice of a web host. With options like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, etc., choosing a hosting plan that suits the business requirement is an uphill task. In the last few years, many businesses have turned to Cloud Hosting services for better performance of their websites. While some people still believe in the myths surrounding Cloud Hosting, if you are considering migrating your website to Cloud, then we are here to help you find the best Cloud Hosting provider.

Feature and Cost Comparison of Cloud Hosting providers

Today, we will be talking about the following Cloud Hosting providers:

  • ResellerClub
  • HostGator
  • Digital Ocean
  • Site Ground
  • Bluehost

Cost Comparison:

  • Personal starting from Rs. 275 per month
  • Business starting from Rs. 350 per month
  • PRO starting from Rs. 500 per month
  • Hatchling Cloud starting from Rs. 475 per month
  • Baby Cloud starting from Rs. 645 per month
  • Business Cloud starting from Rs. 875 per month
Digital Ocean
  • Standard droplets starting from $5 per month
  • Flexible droplets starting from $15 per month
  • Optimized droplets starting from $40 per month
  • Starter – from Rs. 449 per month
  • Performance – from Rs. 549 per month
  • Business Pro – from Rs. 649 per month

These prices are valid for 3-year purchases.

Site Ground
  • Entry – starting from $80 per month
  • Business – starting from $120 per month
  • Business Plus – starting from $160 per month
  • Super Power – starting from $240 per month

RAM, Scalability, and Uptime Assurance

Provider RAM Uptime Assurance Scalability
ResellerClub 2-6GB 99.99% Maximum limit per order is 8 cores of CPU and/or 8GB RAM
HostGator 2-6GB 99.9% Maximum limit per order is 8 cores of CPU and/or 8GB RAM
Digital Ocean 512MB-640GB 99.99% Up to 640GB with an estimated downtime of around 1 minute per GB.
Bluehost 2-6GB 99.99% Maximum limit per order is 8 cores of CPU and/or 8GB RAM
Site Ground 4-10GB 99.99% Offers an auto-scale option where site owners can define the amount of CPU/RAM to be added after a cut-off limit

Apart from these factors, all 5 providers offer unlimited bandwidth with most of their Cloud Hosting plans.


We have just taken some important factors that most site owners look at for a quick comparison. However, before you choose a hosting partner, ensure that you do a thorough research and ensure that the features offered by the provider are important for your website as well. After all, there is no point paying for features that you won’t need, right? Look at the infrastructure used, security measures deployed, and steps taken by the provider to ensure the safety of your data and faster page load speeds. Remember, choosing the right host is the first step towards a successful website.

Have you used the services of any of these providers before? If yes, please share your experience with us in the comments below.