14 cach de phat hien muc duong trong mau dang qua cao


It is that time of the year again – the cricket fever is set to grip the nation both inside and outside the stadiums. The endless fights over the television remote and the binge snacking is set to rule your routine. While all of it is part of the fun and enthusiasm that IPL brings to a cricket loving nation, the snacking bit becomes a matter of concern for your overall health, especially the diabetics, putting their diabetes care in danger zone.

But when managed smartly, diabetics too can enjoy the thrill coupled with healthy snacking. Let us help you prepare to cheer your favourite player and team and ensure diabetes management simultaneously.

  • Eat Smaller Portions

When the stakes are high in a match, management of diabetes is the last thing on your mind. Your binge snacking takes a toll and you end up eating away during the entire game. A smarter way to tackle this is to control diabetes by controlling your portion size so as not to disturb your blood sugar readings. This will keep your metabolism at optimum levels and prevent you from feeling bloated, that too with high blood glucose level.

  • Moderate Your Carb Intake

Certain carb sources like white bread, pasta etc. are primarily loaded with refined sugars that instantly raise your blood sugar levels. Substitute your sweet cravings with fruits and even yogurt with muesli serves as a fantastic snack. Since fruits are rich in fibre and get absorbed slowly, the blood sugar levels remain stable and you feel light and energetic all throughout the game and afterwards.

  • Watch Your Beverages

Snacking and drinking goes hand in hand, and when the game is getting crucial you are most likely to pick up a fizzy cola to calm your nerves. Healthier beverages like homemade spinach juice, Amla juice, tomato and cucumber juice etc.

  • Exercise Regularly

When the cricket match can make you sit and binge for hours, it is necessary that you get your daily dose of exercise that not only pumps up oxygen in your blood but also helps you stay fit. Brisk walking is really helpful in weight management and maintains your energy levels throughout the day. Take a brisk walk after having a meal and you will instantly feel refreshed.

  • Keep a Close Watch on Blood Sugar Levels

This is by far the most crucial thing. Yes, even more crucial than that catch you wish your favourite player had taken. Why? Because here’s the catch with respect to your blood sugar levels – unless you keep a regular check on them, they are likely to surprise you every now and then. Regular blood sugar monitoring is helpful in analyzing the patterns of blood glucose and how the diet and lifestyle is affecting them.

Use a handy and compact glucometer that syncs to a diabetes management app to measure the readings from the comfort of your home.