Tips On Purchasing A Solar Inverter

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The function of a solar inverter is to convert electricity in the direct current voltage that is generated by solar panels into the alternating current format which can be used by families. There are several different options for buying solar inverters for you will have to learn more about each kind. Here are examples of the different types of solar power inverters.

Grid Tie- This type of inverter works to convert direct current to alternating current by synchronizing to interface with a utility line. It is designed to transmit any unused electricity back to the power grid. These types of inverters do not use batteries. It may also utilize the benefits of MTTP technology.

Off Grid- This type of converter works by using a battery to convert direct current to alternating current. This type of inverter is typically used when there is a need to generate electricity to several residential or commercial projects all at once.

Hybrid- These inverters are just that, hybrids. They can function equally well by generating direct current to alternating current in both grid tie or off grid situations.

While a solar inverter does not generate its own electricity, it does need a certain set of parameters to work effectively. It may help to inquire from an experienced company such as As a general rule of thumb, the aspects which need to be paid attention to are the direct current voltage input, the alternating current voltage output, the circuitry that it is paired with and the frequency it utilizes.

Make sure that the solar inverter which is purchased is very rugged and stoutly built. This is because solar inverters are most often placed outside for use. They must be built with enough of a hard exterior that they can withstand the weather.