Things to do before starting college

Determine what you want out of your college experience: Your years at college will be a period of growth and learning, not only in the classroom but also through everyday encounters. Take time to think about what you want out of college. It is a time to try new things that can range from joining the MSU Breakdance Club to trying sushi for the first time.
Get familiar with East Lansing: For many new Spartans, the Academic Orientation Program is their first physical encounter with campus. But even if you think you are a seasoned Spartan, take the time to get to know East Lansing.
Do not forget about your home town: Once classes begin, it may be hard to get back and visit your favorite hometown spots. So before you pack up and head out, think about making a small itinerary to visit all your local favorites before you pack up and head off to campus.
Clean out your iTunes: You know that awkward moment when your iTunes is playing all your favorite songs then one of your old teeny bopper favorites messes up the groove? That may be a moment you want to avoid in college. Go through the music in your playlist and make room for new music to stumble upon during your stay.
Take a road trip: Speaking of music, how about a road trip with your closest friends? There is no better way to test out your new and improved playlist. It is also another opportunity to make memories and grow close with friends before everyone goes their separate ways.
Establish a contact schedule: Once classes begin, it will be easy to get consumed with homework and student activities. Arrange a set day or time to connect with your family and friends, so that when things get hectic, keeping in touch will be one less thing to worry about.
Search for a job/Save money: Although there are many free activities on campus, there may be times when you want to venture outside for fun. This summer, look for an on-campus job or save up so you can be prepared.
Prepare for your new independence: This summer, you will also want to prepare for your newfound freedom. If you have never washed clothes, now is the time to learn. You may also want to grab a cook book so you can demonstrate your culinary skills in the community kitchens in residence halls.
Have lots of FUN: Remember how fun sleepovers used to be? Or the football games at the park in your neighborhood? Be sure to get a healthy dose of fun before studying gets underway!
Fill a time capsule with your summer memories: Finally, remember this will be one of the best summers of your life; cherish the memories. Put the movie stubs, photos and favorite song lyrics into a time capsule. After you graduate from MSU, open it up to reflect on those special memories you made with your favorite people.