The modern PR firm: Why they are becoming a crucial weapon for SEO

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Once upon a time there was no way on earth that public relations and SEO were going to be mentioned in the same sentence. After all, SEO was all about buying links and technical changes to a website, right?

Well, while the latter might certainly be correct, when it comes to link building there has been a big change in philosophy. Sure, Google might tell everyone who works in the industry that they shouldn’t try and build links, but it happens. In terms of PR, this seems to be a way to do it “naturally”, and at least get people to link to a website – even if it means asking them (more than once, on some occasions).

So, this is where the modern-day PR firm enters the picture. They are being turned to, on a frequent basis we should add, as companies look to secure those big-hitting links that power them up the Google rankings.

Let’s now take a look at some of the reasons why companies are opting for this approach, and how PR and SEO has become an unlikely match made in heaven.

PR agencies have the contacts with the big sites

Over the years those involved in the SEO space have talked about PageRank, DA, TrustRank and all sorts of other metrics. While these might be calculated completely differently, something that they all share in common is that they measure how powerful a link is.

In other words, for as long as the world has spun around powerful links have been in-demand. The correlation with PR comes through the fact that most publications, like newspapers and magazines, are very powerful websites from a linking perspective. They have high PageRank, high DA and everything else when it comes to the amount of authority they carry.

Considering the fact that PR agencies have regular communication with these websites, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that they are turned to more often now.

It’s all about who you know

It might be something of a cliché, but when it comes to PR it’s all about who you know. If an SEO agency was to get in touch with a newspaper about covering their latest content piece, there’s every chance they wouldn’t have much luck.

If the same were to occur with a PR firm, this is their normal job. They are used to making these calls and as such, getting content pieces into these publications is very easy.

Newspapers and magazines have made the switch online

Do paper-based newspapers and magazines still exist? Sure, they do. However, they are nowhere near as popular as they once were and, in some cases, companies have opted to completely ditch their paper version for their digital website.

This means that these websites have again become much more powerful. They are more highly regarded, as they are visited by more people. A mention in a paper newspaper didn’t mean anything from an SEO perspective several years ago, but a link on a website certainly does.