The Challenges Of Deepwater Well Construction

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It cannot be understated just how complex the process of constructing deepwater wells can be. Even the most experienced companies face stiff challenges when it comes to making sure that everything runs safely and smoothly.

It is also a cold hard fact that the capital needed upfront for such projects can run as much as three times the normal amount. This is a high-investment but on the flipside, the returns can also be just as phenomenal. The commitments needed from everyone involved also require a long-term period of time. However, the rewards make it very worthwhile for those who dare to take the risk.

When hiring a company to be involved in Deepwater Well Completion, you will want that company to have a proven track record in dealing with such things as expertise in reservoirs and knowledge of basins. No matter where the well is located, whether it be in the salt reservoirs so commonly located in Brazil or whether it is in the more traditional deepwater environs of the Gulf of Mexico, the company should be at the ready to aid you in increasing production and lowering the costs throughout the entire lifecycle of the well. This runs true for not only deepwater but also in ultra-deepwater.

There are many benefits that an experienced company can bring to the table that you, as the client, can enjoy. These can include any or all of the following:

1. Reduction of uncertainty before the project actually begins. An experienced company should be able to run such tests as formation evaluations, coring predictions and gathering subsurface data. All of these aspects go a long way toward making decisions regarding exploration and long-term investment opportunities all the more worthwhile.

2. The reliability of the well, once it is actually constructed and completed, will be much better if the company that performed the project was an experienced one. Production will be able to be maximized even of the drilling has taken place in the most adverse of conditions.

As you can see, once a company who knows what they are doing has been hired, the sky really is the limit. This bodes very well for those investors who are interested in the still very viable opportunities that deepwater drilling can bring to those who are familiar with the risks and so take the steps to mitigate said risks in as easy a manner as possible.