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Most people don’t ever think about cleaning their washer and dryer. Most assume that a machine used to clean things is already clean. However, even your washer needs to be cleaned from time to time. This is part of the normal care and maintenance of the appliance. Luckily, there are tips and strategies that you can use to keep your machine clean and running well.

Run an Empty Load
Even a washing machine can develop a build-up of soap and other things. This is why it’s a good idea to run an empty load to clear away built-up residues. If your washer is dirtier than usual you can run an empty load with vinegar in it. Vinegar is a natural cleaner and it won’t harm your machine. It is not uncommon for scum and other debris to build up in the tub. Vinegar is a natural but effective solution to getting rid of any dirt, debris, or soap scum.

Wipe the Exterior Down
The outside of the washing machine can get quite dirty from clothing, built-up detergents, and other liquids. Take the time to wipe the outside of the machine down. This will prevent a build-up of soap scum that may interfere with the openings on the washer for fabric softeners and bleach. It’s also recommended that you keep the lent trap clear and clean on your dryer. A dirty lint trap makes it difficult to dry clothes efficiently and has been known to cause fires. Unfortunately, repairing a dryer is expensive. You may have to replace your speed queen commercial dryer parts and pay for the labor. This isn’t cheap. Properly caring for your washer and dryer by keeping them clean is a smart move that extends the longevity and condition of your appliances.

Your washer and dryer are major appliances that tend to be costly. As a result, most of us don’t want to have to replace them before it’s time. However, if you don’t properly care for and maintain your appliances they don’t run as well. They don’t last as long either. Take the time to care for them by keeping them clean and performing any recommended steps listed in the owners manual. You will find that your washer and dryer serve you well for a long time if you do. These appliances don’t require a lot of time or care. However, the small amount of time that you put into them will result in two machines that run well.