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What Services Can You Expect from a Funeral Home?

A funeral home plays a key function in society, but we do not think of it unless we are pre-planning for our demise or dealing with the demise of a loved one. You may be aware of the basic functions of a funeral home – holding funerals and wakes and making sure that the events go smoothly. But funeral homes do a lot more than they are generally recognized for. Here are some services you may not know that reliable funeral homes in Clearfield offer. These services will make planning a funeral, an already difficult task, somewhat easier.

1. Cremation services

Many people choose to opt for cremation rather than a traditional burial. People may choose it to avoid the extended affairs that come with hosting funerals and wakes. It is often more cost-effective and even better for the environment due to the low carbon footprint. People may do it out of religious preference or even choose to keep the ashes of their loved ones nearby. Whatever the reason, a funeral home can help you with organizing a cremation, which may involve inviting people, holding a remembrance, or figuring out how to scatter the ashes afterwards.

2. Writing and sending out obituaries

After someone passes away, the immediate family gets busy organizing the funeral or are in mourning. At this time, it is not possible to compose an obituary without feeling overwhelmed or lost for words. A funeral home can help you by composing a concise, appropriately worded obituary and sending it out to local newspapers. You will not have to worry about these trivial details.

3. Recordkeeping

You may be too busy to really keep track of everyone who is attending all the events after the passing of your family member. A funeral home will help you with these organizational tasks by keeping count of everyone that has attended so that you can send them thank-you cards afterwards. If you or your loved one has asked for donations to a particular charity, the funeral home can also take care of these donations, keep track of who has donated and how much, and ensure that the funds reach safely.

4. Catering to any special requests

People often have special requests for their funerals. This may be having their favorite local band play or having a bouquet of specific flowers. It’s the job of the funeral home to ensure that these last wishes come true, to the best of their capacities. You can also ask them to play a playlist that you have made or ask for their help in making a playlist.

5. Organizing events following the funeral

A funeral is often followed by other events such as a reception at a different location. The funeral home can help you with this. They can provide transportation from venue to venue, directing guests about how to get there and providing catering.

A good funeral home is a blessing during these hard times. Make sure that you choose wisely. Try to get as much support as you can from the experts.

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