Safety Tips for Riding a Bike at night

Night has a different meaning for everyone (apart from sleeping). For party animals, the nights are about the party, for lovers, it is about long romantic strolls, and for bikers, it is about freedom and adventure. If you ask a biker, the freedom to ride a bike without having to worry about people and other vehicles around is beyond words. While there is no denying that riding on an empty road at night time is fun, there is a constant fear of being involved in a road hazard (if not taken care of). Hence, the bikers need to keep certain points in mind while riding at night to keep their fun and safety in check.

Tips of Keep in Mind While Riding a Bike at Night. 

Make sure the lights of the bike are functional 

The first thing you must be sure about is that the lights of your bike are functional. The headlights and backlights must be bright. If needed, replace the wimpy and dull bulbs with brighter bulbs that are more powerful. Make sure to replace the bulb with that of similar watts. Upgradation of the light requires keeping certain things in check, such as the new bulb must not hinder the switchgear or lens of the headlight. Moreover, you can also opt for auxiliary lamps to increase your vision at night.

Make your bike visible to others 

Unlike daytime, it is harder to locate the visibility of others on the roads. Moreover, it is equally important for others to see you. Make sure you are visible to others while riding in the following ways.

Adding Lights: Make sure that the lights are working properly, which will indicate your presence to others on the roads. Also, if you opt for auxiliary lamps, they will help brighten the roads and make your presence recognizable.

Reflective tapes: Another way to enhance your presence on the road is to add reflective tapes on the parts of your bike. Components that you can tape are headlamp visors, wheel rims sides, and front and rear fenders. The tape can enhance your visibility by reflecting the lights.

Reflective gear: Besides adding tape to the bike, you can also tape your gears such as helmets, gloves or jackets.

Also, make sure your bike is insured. If it is not, make sure to two wheeler insurance to recover any sort of damage.

Make sure your vision is clear. 

Once you are sure that you are visible by others, the next step is to make yourself aware of the surroundings while riding. Check whether your visor is clean and dirt & scratch-free. Even if there are the smallest of the dirt specs and scratches, they can hamper your vision and enhance the possibilities for a mishap.

Know your route 

While riding at night you must be well familiar with the route.  Potholes and gravel are less visible at night, which can worsen the situation if you are new to the route and not aware of the road conditions. In case, you have to ride through a new route, make sure to be well informed about the situation of the roads. A little research before starting a journey and two wheeler insurance can help you escape from many adverse situations at night.

Ride slowly 

Being a biker, your adrenaline may push you to cut through the roads, but it is never wiser to act in a way at late hours. “Speed thrills but kills”, you never know what is waiting for you ahead on the road. Moreover, it is advised to keep enough room for yourself on the road. Always remember that two wheeler insurance can cover the damage to your bike, but your life is still a priceless asset.