Risk Management in Mutual Fund

risk management

Investors know that risks are always involved while investing in markets and are always prepared for it. For achieving long term goals by the investment you must be ready for the uncertainty in the market which can come anytime.

Once you are aware of the risk of the market and able to tackle it, you must enhance your investment value through efficient risk management. Risk cannot be eliminated. But it can only be managed well, and there is no better way of risk management by investing through mutual funds.

Mutual funds are an investment vehicle through which we can invest in various assets like equities, real estate and debt. Different mutual funds types provide adequate diversification so that the risk is spread out, and investor’s investment is safe from risks. Choosing a good mutual fund can help you in minimizing the risk and increase your profits.

Take a look at the various risks an investor has to face and how mutual funds helps in managing the risk:


Volatility is a very familiar word in the markets like equities, debt etc. Cannot expect the absence of volatility in the market. So to face the risk, you can invest through Systematic investment plans or SIPs.

SIPs help in reducing the impact of the market volatility which you would have felt had you invested in lump sum amount. Investing through SIPs helps you in weathering out different market cycles and creates wealth in the long run.

Risk of Concentration

You can get carried away by the high profits from a particular asset and can get overexposed by investing in that single asset only. It can multiply the risk, and in case the asset takes a downward route, you will face a significant loss.

To avoid such a situation, you must invest through mutual funds. Mutual funds diversify your investments by carefully investing in various stocks. If an individual stock is in a downward journey, the impact of the loss will be minimum, thanks to the lack of concentration of investments.

Taxation and inflation

No investor can avoid taxation and inflation. If you do not invest in a proper investment product, then tax, and inflation will minimize your profits. Mutual funds are a position to tackle both these risks.

Equity-linked saving schemes of mutual funds is an excellent option to invest. You will get not only tax benefits on your investments but also the returns from the stakes will be tax-free. Plus you will receive the compounded benefits as your investment will be locked for three years.

Debt funds can be quite beneficial when there is a fall in inflation. When inflation falls, the bond prices will rise, providing profits to the investor.

Where there are investments, there will be risks. Through investing in various mutual funds types, you can protect yourself from various market risks. Risk management helps you in minimizing your losses and increase your profits. So, risk management is an essential part of wealth creation over the long term.