Quick Access to Money to Get Released from Jail

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Sitting in jail can be a lonely and nerve wracking experience. You may miss your family and want to go home to them. You also may feel regret for committing whatever crime landed you behind bars in the first place.

Rather than sit alone in a jail cell awaiting your next court date, you might want to bail or bond yourself out of jail as soon as possible. If the arraignment judge sets a bail or bond amount for you, you may be able to post the money by using a payday loan, taking out a short term bank loan, or hiring a Harrisburg bail bondsman to front the money for you.

24/7 Contact

You may think that you cannot call a bail bondsman during the middle of the night or on the weekends after you have been arrested. After all, you may think that the bail bondsmen have families of their own and do not work during times when other businesses are closed.

However, many bail bonds companies have someone on call 24 hours a day even on the weekends, holidays, and during the middle of the night. Even if you are arrested at 3:00 on Christmas morning, you may still be able to get ahold of someone from the agency to arrange for bail or bond.

This convenience means you do not have to wait until the next business day to get yourself out of jail. As long as you are arraigned and seen by the judge, you may have the opportunity to post the money and secure your release so you can go home to your family.

Abiding by the Terms

After you are bonded or bailed out of jail, you will need to abide by the terms of the contract. The main priority for you involves showing up to all of your court dates on time. Even if you do not have a car, you will still need to take a taxi or the bus to the courthouse if you want to avoid being arrested.