Picking the Right Dry Cleaning Software

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While some may rely on Excel spreadsheets or tried and true pen and paper to keep track of their dry cleaning business, you can make your life a lot easier by using a program specifically suited for the job. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the best dry cleaning software for you.

Consider Software Compatibility

Make sure that whatever software you use will work with your operating system. If you’re a frequent smartphone or tablet user, you’re in luck, as many modern-day dry cleaning programs also exist as apps you can download.

Make Sure Your Software Covers All Your Needs

While it’s up to you to decide how much of the business to delegate to your dry cleaning software, the easiest route is to pick one that covers as many major tasks as possible. There are those that not only let you keep track of how many articles of clothing you have to dry clean but allow you to categorize the clothing by type (e.g. number of sweaters) and mark which ones are still pending and which are ready to return to the customer. They can even track your overall sales and send automated SMS messages to customers when their clothes have finished being dry-cleaned.

Consider Your Own Tech Habits

Dry cleaning software can be incredibly useful… if you use it! If you’re a person who doesn’t use computers, phones or tablets often, or at least struggles to incorporate them into your business life, maybe dry cleaning software isn’t the best fit. Still, you should definitely at least try using one regularly, just to see how it feels. You might find it so convenient and intuitive that it encourages you to change your habits and rely on it regularly.

So whether you’re a computer maven or not, definitely give dry cleaning software a shot. It can help you keep track of all aspects of your business more easily, increasing productivity and maybe even sales as a result.