Modern Features All Websites Need

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As the internet changes, the look of websites must change too. Sticking to the same format, using the same layout and not integrating new features will make a site look dated and turn off viewers too. Those viewers are the ones who help site owners make money through the purchases they make via ads and from the products they buy on those sites. As a website owner, there are some features that you can add to your site to make it more appealing to both new visitors and existing viewers.

Social Media Integration

The number one thing that modern websites today need is some way to integrate social media to the site. Readers do not want to copy and paste a link into a Facebook window, but if you do not have a share button on your site, they will have to do that each time they want to share content from your site. You’ll also want to include buttons that let them share that content on sites like Instagram or Twitter without leaving the page. This can help increase your total page views too.

RSS Feeds

RSS feed stands for rich site summary and allows readers to stay up to date with sites that change regularly. Many web browsers like Chrome and Firefox have extensions that users can download to work with RSS feeds. Those readers can then add your site to the feed and have an easy way to view any new updates you made or articles you posted to the site. RSS feeds help them keep track of all new content posted to their favorite sites without requiring that they visit each site to look for updates every day.

Streaming Features

Facebook added a new video feature that works with the trend of live streaming. This feature allows users to upload live video streams from a cell phone. They can share videos of places they visit, special events like weddings and even their kids’ soccer games. Though you might think that you don’t need streaming features on your site, live streaming can help you appeal to readers. You can use this feature as a way to interact with those readers, answer questions they have and put a face to the site. Live streaming is good for those who want to sell products and show viewers how those products work too.

Video Options

As long as you have a YouTube account, you’re only minutes away from creating your own videos that you share online. All you need is a camera that lets you capture high quality videos and some basic editing software that you can use to remove any unnecessary information or content from those videos. Posting videos to your site is important because some visitors do not have the time to sit down and read a full article but do have a few minutes to watch a short video. There is also a chance that you might create a viral video that spreads across the web and gets you even more viewers.

Mobile Websites

Though many cell phones today are like small computers, those phones cannot always accommodate a full website. If readers cannot access your site from their phones, they may move on instead of checking out your site from their computers. Creating a mobile version of the site helps you reach those using mobile devices. You can set it up in a way that automatically changes the version of the site to the mobile version to make things easier for your visitors too.

Though it may seem like a lot of work to make your site work for all types of users and to include the modern features that they want, it’s not nearly as hard as you assume. Navori lets you get a live demo on how these features work and how you can use the right software to incorporate all features like live streaming and social media integration into your site at the same time. The more appealing your site is, the more readers you can get. Those readers will help share your content across other sites on the web and can help you make more money off your site too.