Minecraft Movie Release Date Announced

Minecraft Movie Release Date AnnouncedFor many, Minecraft is essentially the video game equivalent of Lego. And while the latter has already had a successful box office debut, the former has now made its intentions clear in that regard. The company behind the game, Mojang has announced when you can watch it.

“The Minecraft movie will be released on May 24, 2019! The film will also be released in 3D & IMAX,”wrote Mojang’s COO Vu Bui on the developer’s website. He went on to explain why you’ll have to wait almost three years to watch it.

“Yes, that might seem like a long time away, but it just so happens to be the right amount of time to make it completely awesome,” Bui claims.

The movie will be released by Warner Bros and will be directed by by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney.

Nonetheless, May 2019 seems to have several large studio releases. These include the second part of Marvel’s Infinity Wars and Disney’s Star Wars: Episode IX.

As for Minecraft itself, it remains popular seven years after its initial release, especially with children as is well known, and the sales numbers were revealed in an article in The New York Time Magazine. Surprisingly though, it seems Minecraft is as popular with adults as well. The average Minecraft player is between the ages of 28 and 29, according to Microsoft, and women constitute 40 percent of the playing demographic.

It has sold 73 million units in total, and stands third behind Tetris and Wii Sports in the all-time list for best-selling video games. Microsoft bought the game’s intellectual property and the studio behind it – Mojang – in 2014 for $2.5 billion (roughly Rs. 15,375 crores). Part of the game’s appeal has been the use of extensive third-party mods which allow players to customise it as they wish, or build anything from their dreams.