Miki Agrawal Brings New Innovation to the Bathroom

Miki Agrawal, Founder of TUSHY

Building a company that revolves around toilet rituals might seem like an unusual business concept. However, serial entrepreneur Miki Agrawal was dissatisfied with toilet paper’s questionable cleaning abilities.

Besides doing an inadequate job, Agrawal learned that toilet paper use contributes to yeast infections, UTIs, hemorrhoids, anal itching, and anal fissures. In addition, commercially manufactured toilet paper decimates 15 million trees annually just in the United States.

Putting her ingenuity to work, Miki Agrawal created TUSHY, a sleek-looking attachable bidet that clips onto the toilet in 10 minutes. TUSHY is priced under $100, and consumers will recoup those funds within three months by decreasing their toilet paper use. In addition, it takes only one pint of water to get properly clean with TUSHY.

As often happens with an innovative product, Miki Agrawal initially faced skepticism from those who did not completely understand how TUSHY works. They were convinced that TUSHY would spray dirty toilet water around the bathroom. Agrawal emphasizes that the bidet uses clean water from the wall rather than water from the toilet bowl or tank.

Over time, however, customers began to recognize TUSHY’s hygienic, economic, and environmental benefits. To date, almost one million consumers have purchased the product.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, nationwide toilet paper shortages drastically increased TUSHY sales. The company’s revenues were 10 times higher than forecasted, and TUSHY sold $1 million worth of products in a single day.

Miki Agrawal couldn’t be happier with TUSHY’s evolution. She is excited about the product’s environmental benefits. “It’s a no-brainer,” says Agrawal. “I love love love being able to question something and then provide a tangible solution to solve it. To date, TUSHY has helped over 5 million trees from getting killed for toilet paper consumption.”

Besides TUSHY’s impact within the United States, the product has enabled more than 60,000 families to access clean toilets in India. With over three billion people affected by poor sanitation across the globe, TUSHY plays a role in helping users improve their personal health and quality of life.

Not surprisingly, TUSHY’s introduction is not the first time entrepreneur Miki Agrawal has disrupted the status quo. Earlier in her evolution, she was searching for a business that meshed with the lifestyle she wanted.

Quite unexpectedly, an opportunity presented itself in the food industry. This fearless social entrepreneur stepped forward and opened WILD, New York City’s first gluten-free, farm-to-table pizza restaurant.

Following WILD’s success, Agrawal launched THINX into the marketplace. This innovative company produces reusable underwear that helps to make periods more manageable. In addition, THINX provides Ugandan schoolgirls with pads, allowing them to keep going to school during their periods. Collectively, Miki Agrawal’s businesses have a valuation of over $200 million.

Agrawal has also expressed her creativity in written form. Her best-selling books, DisruptHer and Do Cool Sh*t, are based on her commitment to carving her own path.

Miki Agrawal’s many achievements have earned her recognition as one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders. Inc. Magazine named Miki Agrawal among its Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs, and Fast Company lauded her as one of its Most Creative People.

Agrawal’s advice for emerging entrepreneurs draws on her mastery of disruptive change. “There will always be tasks that feel tedious in every position, but those practices are important in building the muscle memory of a new skill set. It’s not always just fun fun fun when creating. It often takes a while for a skill to really engrain itself into the person, along with multitasking at a high level, so learning to be patient is as important as being hungry for more.”