Killer Smiles and Good Oral Health for Seniors

At least, there are 1.8 million people in the UK aged 65 and above with urgent dental problems. This is according to a report that was published by the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Seniors are more prone to oral health issues such as darkened teeth, gum disease, root decay, uneven jaw bone, and most common of all, teeth loss. While most of these problems come with ageing, they can affect the quality of life of seniors or even have dire consequences. Research by Rutger University established there is a strong relationship between oral health and malnourishment. How so?

Dental problems have an effect on one’s eating habits. This can, in turn, lead to malnourishment that further leads to weight loss, depression, and dementia in the aged. They can also experience discomfort or pain. Additionally, oral health problems can impact their social participation. That said, employing the help of a cosmetic dentist Essex to help treat oral health problems, facilitate a beautiful smile, and prevent further damage should be a priority. This will, in turn, improve a senior’s ageing experience and quality of life.

Dental problems make up the most prevalent health problems in Essex. Reduced mobility, weakness, and conditions such as arthritis may make it hard for seniors to brush or floss their teeth as required. Poor oral care, especially in seniors, results in problems highlighted earlier, such as dry mouth, dark teeth, tooth decay, and gum diseases. Research shows that these problems, especially gum diseases, lead to other health complications such as strokes, heart diseases, and lung diseases.

Practising dental care at an early age goes a long way in minimizing dental problems that come with old age as it helps reduce tooth loss, decay, and wear and tear. Nevertheless, consulting a cosmetic dentistand practising good oral hygiene, even in one’s golden years, significantly helps to ensure that senior citizens can still have amazing smiles despite their years. Some of the oral care practices senior citizens can practice include the following.

Good Dental Hygiene PracticesFor The Aged

Dental clinics in Essex are mostly opened all seven days of the week. Going for regular dental check-ups is crucial for preventative procedures, diagnosis, and treatment of dental diseases. Additionally, seniors should brush their teeth twice a day using a toothpaste with high fluoride content. Fluoride helps strengthen and keep their teeth healthy despite the fact that they continue being frail with old age. An electric toothbrush is advisable or alternatively using soft bristle brushes for a maximum of two minutes. Soft brushes help to prevent further increasing wear and tear of a senior citizen’s gums and teeth. The head of the toothbrush should also be small to avoid strain.

Flossing daily and the use of antibacterial mouthwash are other important aspects. Flossing removes small food particles between teeth, thereby eliminating breeding grounds for germs that cause cavities and tooth decay. Mouthwash ensures there is no bacteria build-up or reduces already built-up bacteria in tooth cavities.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Are Ideal For Seniors

Even though Science advancements have helped reduce the number of teeth lost during ageing, tooth loss is inevitable. This, in turn, has an effect of limiting what senior citizens can eat, thereby eliminating dietary diversity. Luckily, remedies exist to ensure they still enjoy their favourite meals, namely dentures and dental implants. These are removable artificial teeth added to the aged who have lost most of their own. Dentures, however, need to be removed daily, especially during sleep, and cleaned well to avoid food particle accumulation.

Dental implants, on the other hand, involve the replacement of lost teeth permanently. Titanium screws are fitted on the jaw bone and teeth mounted on top. It is, however, important to note that even though the two are viable options, implants are more advantageous. Nevertheless, your cosmetic dentist should be able to advise on what is best for you between getting dentures and having tooth implants installed.

Jawbone reconstruction and gum reshaping services can be offered to seniors with an uneven jawbone. This often occurs when lost teeth are not replaced by artificial ones, and the teeth remaining in the mouth begin to drift to the open gaps or spaces.

As one ages, the enamel thins out in the process allowing the yellower dentin to be seen. A lifetime of consuming beverages and foods that cause stains can also cause teeth to darken. To remedy darkened teeth, one can have a teeth whitening procedure, which involves lightening the enamel’s shade or hue. Other cosmetic dental procedures that can significantly improve seniors’ oral health include dental veneers, filling, dental crowns, ceramic restoration, and orthodontics.

Doing Away With Poor Habits

Cigarettes, tobacco, and alcohol are the most abused drugs. They, however, have adverse effects on an individual’s dental makeup, especially in senior citizens. Tobacco use leads to mouth cancer, tooth decay, and tooth discolouration. As a senior citizen, it is, therefore, important to quit smoking. Drinking too. Alcohol has sugar that usually turns acidic when accumulated in between teeth resulting in decay and cavities among seniors. Limiting the amount of alcohol intake or doing away completely with the habit is a crucial aspect of dental care. Do not fail to brush or floss regularly. Decreased mobility and arm muscle weakness are normal. You can, however, use electric or special handgrip toothbrushes.

Ageing doesn’t have to stop you from eating the kind of food you like or bringing out warmth to those around by smiling due to dental problems. Try out some of the above-mentioned remedies for strong, healthy teeth and gums all through your golden years. Dental health care for senior citizens is a matter that should be taken very seriously. Thankfully, not only is dental care affordable in the region, but there are also incredible organizations and private cosmetic dental clinics committed to the cause. There is, therefore, nothing that is stopping seniors from having killer smiles and great oral health.