Industrial Packing Solutions

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Are you looking for a cost-effective way to protect your products during the shipping process? is one of many companies that provide shipping solutions for every budget.

Custom Protective Packaging

Wooden pallets are expensive and difficult to dispose of. Paper pallets, made from corrugated or honeycomb paper, drastically reduce shipping costs because they are 75 percent lighter than their wood counterparts. They are also 100 percent recyclable and customizable to a variety of shapes and sizes.

Panel Products

Panel products are shipping containers made from wood panels. Wood panel crates are durable enough to protect the most delicate cargo. These shipping containers can be used for both domestic and overseas shipping.

Foam Products

Foam packaging solutions offer extra protection to ensure your cargo arrives in pristine condition. Foam can be precision fit to keep cargo secure in its shipping container. Foam packaging is reusable and recyclable.


The Reddi-Crate combines the best properties of wood and paper shipping products. The Reddi-Crate is made from laminated paperboard that can be treated to prevent moisture and corrosion damage. It opens on two ends and features a patented profile that adds strength and durability.

The smooth, non-abrasive surface of the Reddi-Crate will protect cargo from scratches and dings. Choose the Reddi-Crate end plug that suits your application. They are available in wood, corrugated paper or u-plug material.

Are you shipping multiple products? Ask your Reddi-Crate provider about color printing. Color printed Reddi-Crates simplify point-of-sales merchandising and product identification.

The Reddi-Crate is 100 percent reusable and recyclable. When you choose Reddi-Crate, you’ll save money and the environment.

No matter what your business ships, there are solutions that can save you time and money. Contact your local industrial shipping company for more information.