Improve Your Horse’s Performance With These Exercises

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You need a combination of proper rider position and confidence on the course with your horse. The rider and horse should work as one over the jumps and obstacles. You will need to take time to train. Here are some exercises that you can do to be more effective in the jumps.

20 Meter Jumps

These meter jumps are simple exercises for your horse. You can start by placing two vertical poles on the opposite side of a circle. The horse needs to canter over the poles. As a rider, you need to keep the correct position as well. Everyone must maintain a steady rhythm over the jumps. It is important to count your horse’s strides. It may be a simple exercise, but it can be exhausting for your horse. You should only complete three rounds before giving your horse a break.

Three Loop Serpentine

You can improve your balance with the three loop serpentine. All the jumps need to be placed in the middle of the arena. You want to concentrate on the horse’s rhythm and pace. As the rider, you need to remain balanced in a forward position during the exercise.

Rail Footwork

Footwork on the course is extremely important. For this exercise, you will need to create a gymnastic line on the course. You also need a square oxer and cavaletti. The cavaletti needs to be set up in front of the oxer. With a forward canter, the horse must clear both obstacles. This exercise helps to increase the horse’s judgment throughout the jumps. You should never give your horse any additional help. This exercise is meant to increase your horse’s confidence and balance around the course. For an additional challenge, you can set up more poles between the oxers.

When you practice with these exercises, you will see an improvement in your performance. You can purchase horse jump cuts for your own agility course. You want to be ready for your next event. These exercises will help you find the right balance and pace during a competition.