How To Transform Your Garden Into The Perfect Place To Play

Parents today often complain that children spend too much time indoors in front of the television. To avoid this, you must offer them an enticing alternative. There are several garden buildings that are available and are fun for children to play in with playhouses and climbing frames.


Wooden playhouses are the best for providing children with their own personal space to play and enjoy. They can be used as a den where they can play quiet games or as a base from where they can play their more active games. Over time, these playhouses become their favourite place to spend time in.

Playhouses can vary in size ranging in size from child sized ideal homes, to bigger army themed bunkers. While the former is used to play quiet games, the latter is used for the more active ones. Most playhouses today are similar to glass garden houses in the way they are constructed, using tongue and groove panels that are held together by a wooden framework that keeps the playhouse solid and ensures it is long lasting.

While basic playhouses are often just small garden buildings comprised of just one floor, others offer more impressive features such as multi storeys. This kind of playhouse is more endearing to young children as they feel like they have their own little house. There are also playhouses that are built on raised platforms that give children a higher place to view the garden from and this is extremely aesthetically enjoyable.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the playhouse is safe for children to play in and most playhouses are designed in a manner while keeping this in mind. The glazing that is used today is Perspex or polycarbonate as it is sturdier than glass. If you do decide to use glass, make sure to use toughened glass which is less likely to crumble into small, dangerous pieces. Standard glass tends to break into shards which can be extremely dangerous and lethal for children.

Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are another great way to keep children active and enjoying outdoors. Most frames have a slide and also the option to have many customisations. It is quite easy to find extra modules, components, and accessories.

The variety of climbing frame modules available today allows you to tailor make whatever you require to suit your garden as well as the needs of the children who will use this frame. The most common add ons that are used in these frames are swing modules. Again, you can find a variety of swing seats to choose from. If you’re leaning towards buying a climbing module, you will find interesting ones that have rock walls or climbing nets. There is also the option to buy a combination of a playhouse and a climbing frame. These two structures can be connected to each other using a bridge of some sort to give the child an extremely specialised play area.

There are also several extra accessories that can be added to a climbing frame such as telescopes, steering wheels, basketball hoops, and climbing ropes.

With so many options available and additional customisations, you will be able to bring your child out of the house to enjoy himself/herself!