How to Set Up A Blog, In Less Than One Hour

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These days it seems that just about everyone is blogging about something or other and getting involved is far easier than you may think. I am a complete technophobe and two years ago I had an idea to start a blog about my stamp collection, the idea was to get like-minded people on board with my hobby. Thankfully, my buddy Greg Lindae, computer expert, was able to help me to get my blog set up, and I was fascinated that it took him less than an hour to do. These days I have a far more comprehensive understanding of how to get a blog set up and I wanted to share it with you so that you too can get blogging, fast.


Step One – The Website


The first thing that you need to do is to buy the website name that you are looking for. Head over to GoDaddy and search to see if the domain name is available. Be aware that you may need to be creative if the domain isn’t available, for example instead of, you may need to buy Once you have bought the site, it’s time to get started.


Step Two – CMS


CMS stands for content management system and this is going to be vital to creating your blog. The most popular CMS is WordPress and I would recommend that you use it. A CMS is basically a way of managing your website in an easy way, and without the need for any technical knowledge. Sign up for an account with your chosen CMS and then follow their steps to migrate your new domain name, into their systems.


Step Three – Hosting


Every website online must be hosted, it is kind of like renting space to put your website on and there are many options throughout the internet where you can do this. The cost of hosting is pretty cheap and for a basic blog, you shouldn’t pay more than a couple of bucks per month.


Step Four – Design


Once you have migrated your site to your CMS, and paid for it to be hosted, it is time to start designing your blog. With a CMS such as WordPress, designing a blog is very easy and there are hundreds of pre-loaded themes which you can choose from for your website. If you are in any doubt about how you want your site to look, check out some of your favorite websites and see how they are designed, then simply borrow their styles.


Step Five – Content


The final piece of the puzzle is to start getting content ready for your blog. The content which you decide upon can range from photos, articles or videos, or even a combination of the three. Make sure that you allocate plenty of time to your content so that it can be the highest quality that it can possibly be.


And there you have it, five steps, under and hour and you have your very own blog.