How to Maximize Your Chances of Winning a 13 Card Rummy Game?

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A rummy game is exciting and helps you enjoy to the fullest. Most common variation of this game played in India is the 13 card rummy game. Just like all rummy games, the goal of this game too is to make sequences and melds within the stipulated time period. The two sequences in this game are together termed as life. Till you form the two sequences, full points are counted for your hand. Here are some simple tips to enhance your chances to win a game of 13 cards.

  1. Create Multiple Pairs as Options for Sequences

Since the top priority in a rummy game is to create life, keep your focus on this. Life includes a pure sequence and a real sequence. That is why, we must try hard to create the two sequences first. The best way to do this is create multiple pairs like K, Q, 9, 10, A, 2 5, 6 and 8, 9.

Each of these pair of playing cards forms a sequence when one more card is included. Having more such pairs increases your chances of getting sequences ready sooner. Most good players know this as a fact and keep the pairs ready till they get the pure and real sequence ready.

  1. Observe Opponent Moves Keenly

If you observe the moves of the opponent keenly, you get an idea what are the cards in his hands. The cards the opponent disposes also gives you an idea of the sequences he plans to make. This helps you decide which cards to hold on to and which cards to dispose. This is important if you wish to win the rummy patti game sooner.

  1. Keep Your Focus on Creating Life

Your priority in the game should not be making melds or sets. Your focus should always be to make the sequences first. Anyone who knows how to play rummy does not gather cards to form sets unless they have formed two sequences. Always avoid gathering high point cards unless they are a part of a sequence or set. Your first goal should always be creating life since you will be charged full points till you form a life.

  1. Do Not Try to Create Face Card/High Card Sets

If you have a face cards set ready at the very start but do not have the sequences ready, try to dispose of the high cards and replace them with low point cards. This is because a face card set will not be counted if you do not have a life. You can always opt for a rummy game download and practice how to use face cards properly.

  1. Arrange Jokers Only after Sequences are in Place

An expert player always follows order and method. As soon as he receives the cards in his hand, he arranges the sequences and sets that are ready. He arranges the cards of different signs in their ascending or descending order. He places all the jokers to one end of the hand and all the cards that need to be disposed at the other end. This is a very good manner to arrange the cards. It gives clarity to plan the moves when playing online rummy, properly.

One mistake that many players make is arrange the jokers as a part of the sequences and sets beforehand. Rather, keep the jokers in an Indian rummy game, on one side and plan where you will arrange them. Arrange only once all sets and sequences are complete. This will prevent a joker from staying blocked. It will also give you greater flexibility in planning the moves.

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