How to make a small room look bigger

Dealing with a small room can be a frustrating endeavor – constant redecorating and rearranging can make even the calmest interior designer scramble for the nearest exit. However, the utilization of space is vital in order to maintain a clear mind. It has been proven that living in cramped or cluttered environments can affect your mood and behavior and can even exacerbate stress. So, here are some invaluable tips and solutions for small-space living and making tiny rooms appear bigger.

Don’t neglect the ceiling

Create the illusion of ataller room by painting your ceiling a shade brighter than your walls. When using a bright color, preferably white, and a high-gloss paint, your ceiling will reflect the most amount of light and create a more airy, spacious atmosphere. To really trick the eye, try painting the first two or three inches of your ceiling the same color as your walls and then the rest a shade brighter. This gives the illusion that your room has much higher walls.

Use mirrors

Increase the feeling of space by installing a mirror across one wall. Mirrors are known to be great for making a space feel more generous. If possible, use two mirrors on opposite sides of your room to create an abundance of perspective and reflection, which will provide a much-needed expansive feel. Why not also try using free-standing mirrors to boost your room’s sense of space? Free-standing mirrors are ideal for keeping the look of your room fresh, as they can constantly be repositioned. Likewise, seek to position your furniture in front of your mirrors to prevent glare and reflect your points of interest.

Consider your lighting

Keep your lighting as low as possible. By bringing your light sources to floor- or eye-level, you limit shadows, which make a room feel cramped and small. Similarly, don’t rely on just one light source.Where possible, use multiple light sources to open your room up and again reduce the creation of shadows. Corner and floor lamps are great for spreading focus across the full area of your room.By using multiple small light sources, you can draw the eye around your room and create a more expansive feel. Another great trick to create a larger look for your room is to light the areas that are often neglected, such as corners or wall recesses. Once you light these, the dark areas ofyour room will immediately appear wider and more open.

Hang wall art and photos

One sneaky trick that is easy to employ and makes a world of difference to the appearance of your room is to hang your wall-mounted artwork or pictures slightly higher than you usually would. This is a really effective technique, as it fools the eye into believing that the walls of your room are much taller and gives the entire space a roomier feel.

Install shutters

Curtains are often bulky and can make a room appear much lower and smaller due to their taking up so much space. To give your room more depth, look to replace your curtains with window shutters. Easy to install and far more sleek and elegant then heavy curtains, shutters make your room look far less crowded. They are ideal because of their simplicity and can transform a room by creating a clear, uncluttered impression. When choosing your shutters, think about going for a large louvre or slat, as these will let the most amount of light into your room and create a greater feeling of space.

Minimize your furniture

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when decorating is flooding a room with stuff. Whether it’s furniture or accessories, an overabundance of things can and will make your room feel crowded and cluttered. You must allow for empty space in order for your room to “breathe.” Why not try swapping all your small little trinkets and objects in favor of just one or two big items of interest?Although they are taking up more space, they also give the impression of a clearer, less cramped room.

Another great trick is to source furniture that is made of glass or Lucite, which has the dual benefit as acting as a practical piece of furniture while also giving the impression of more space. Likewise, aneasyway to keep on top of your clutter is to get creative with your storage options. Look to keep your unessential items in hidden storage containers.