How to Build Up Your Blog Audience by Documenting These Personal Journeys

Plain and simple, people love a good story.

This rings especially true in the blogosphere whether you’re simply trying to grow your audience or make a buck or two through affiliates. The posts that are most likely to go viral have a human element; likewise, nobody wants to read what they’ve heard a million times before. In other words, you need to tell your own story if you want to stand out from the crowd.

In short, providing your readership with solid stories starts with integrating snapshots of your day-to-day life.

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If you’re strapped for ideas, fear not. There are plenty of personal journeys you can document to both build buzz and grow your audience in various niches. Regardless of your audience or industry, consider what personal journeys you can undertake for the sake of your readers to engage build a more dedicated readership and expand your blog’s reach.

Show Them How Much Money You’re Making

Perhaps one of the most compelling stories that people want to read about is the path toward wealth. Since it seems like everyone‘s strapped for cash these days, readers love hearing about success stories of others making money online.

For example, money-making opportunities such as the Tim Sykes Challenge cost only an investment of time as you learn the ropes of penny stocks in a matter of weeks. Sykes’ students’ success stories are compelling and enticing, driving readers to want to learn more about the world of trading.

Documenting your moneymaking journey is a win-win situation: you grow an audience curious about what you’re up to and make some cash in the process. By showing that blazing your own path is possible and being transparent about your results, you’ll build an audience who trusts you. The key here isn’t to gloat or brag, but rather offer actionable advice so your readers could potentially replicate your success.

And hey, who knows: maybe you can turn your own success into a business down the line.

Show Off Your Fitness Journey

Much like wealth, the public at large struggles with their personal health and fitness: there’s a reason why the fitness is niche is one of the biggest in the affiliate space. Thankfully, there are plenty of potential journeys to document such as…

  • Experimenting with various diets and documenting your results (think: intermittent fasting, the Mediterranean diet, a protein spared modified fast and so on)
  • Experimenting with workouts and weightlifting routines (think: low-weight high-rep vs. high-weight low-rep, body weight exercises, trendy workouts such as P90X)
  • Undergo a weigh-loss challenge or document your journey towards a fitness milestone (losing 20 pounds in three months or going from no experience to running a half marathon, for example)

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you take plenty of pictures and videos to provide your readers with a visual of your results.

Review Your Favorite Tech Products

If you’re a techie, consider the power of reviewing your favorite products and gadgets. Reviews are a goldmine for traffic and engagement, especially if you do unboxings for review newly launched products. While the field is certainly crowded, letting your personality shine can help you break through the noise.

For example, take a more laid-back, light-heartened approach to your reviews to stand out from the stuffy, suit-and-tie crowd and make yourself more relocatable. Show off the products you review in action to let your audience that you’re human and likewise encourage them to try products themselves. Besides, if you’re going to buy a product anyway, why not score some attention and potential affiliate income on the side through a review?

However you decide to document your journey, remember that growing a blog audience is all about making a connection. As long as you consistently tell stories that people can relate to, you’re golden.