How To Ace Your Summer Style

When it comes to summer style, most of the emphasis tends to be on the beginning of the season. People focus heavily on getting their “beach bodies” in shape, and then go out shopping for the newest bathing suits and the trendiest summer styles. That’s all well and good, but if you happen to be getting a late start, or if you just want to go a little bit further with your summer look, you might want to consider a few additional options.

Starting with something simple is usually a good way to go, and a new summer hat is an easy way to make a fashion statement. That said, hats can actually be difficult to pick out this time of year. Some feel heavy or constricting in the heat, and others just aren’t comfortable. There are limitless options out there, but a hat with a flexfit design can pretty much check all the boxes, so long as you like its particular look. These hats are lightweight and fit to your head, making them easy to wear as you maintain the carefree image of the season.

If hats aren’t your thing – and they’re definitely not for everybody – sunglasses become almost essential. The first step here isn’t what you probably think it is. That is to say, it doesn’t make much sense to simply wander into the nearest mall and start browsing through your options. It’s actually best to first get your eyes checked if you haven’t in a while. If you’ve had LASIK surgery or you know your vision is stellar, you don’t need to bother. But if you need fresh contacts or you feel your prescription has changed, this should be a priority. You can’t wear summer sunglasses unless you can see without ordinary eyeglasses, after all.

Provided you’re ready to wear them, you should then start looking for sunglasses. And don’t think you have to settle for the most expensive pairs on the market! It’s actually getting much easier to find effective, polarized lenses at affordable prices, particularly if you’re just looking for a fun pair for the summer. In some cases you can even customize sunglasses with lenses of your choice and fun, bright colors on the frames. These options usually aren’t big on neutral colors and thus aren’t particularly versatile. But for trips to the beach or sunny days around town they can give you a great look.

We won’t bother getting into specific clothing styles in terms of shirts and shorts, because there’s just too much to cover. But one thing you might want to consider beyond basic accessories is how to stay in shape. Maintaining summer fashion isn’t just about spending the spring on your beach body – it’s about keeping that body in shape throughout the season. Overhead mobility exercises are a nice place to start, because building up a strong upper body can help you to keep your clothes draping nicely. Shoulders go a long way in keeping things fitting nicely.

After you’ve grabbed a few effective accessories and developed a means of keeping your beach body sculpted, the only remaining challenge is to find footwear beyond your go-to daily flip-flops. There’s nothing wrong with those, but summer style tends to look best with a casual, unassuming type of footwear. Your best bet is actually often to just browse through a surf shop rather than looking at major retail chains or shopping online. You’ll find something comfortable and casual that can serve as the final touch in your summer look.