How MobiKwik Ensures Safety and Speed for the Cash PickUp Service

The Cash PickUp service announced by MobiKwik to reach that section of the Indian segment that is not familiar with transacting online or is sceptical of using net banking, comes as a benefit to those who also do not have bank accounts yet. The online wallet allows them to enter amounts between Rs.100 to Rs. 10,000 per month which means that one’s daily requirements and monthly utilities can be paid off by storing this cash in one’s online wallet.


The entire Cash PickUp service has been planned carefully to ensure that you are safe and the transaction is genuine. When you request for this service you are assigned the agent who is closest to you. This person’s credentials and identification is sent to you so that you know exactly what he looks like. As a further precaution this agent will display their MobiKwik identification card and wear the uniform at all times.

This person receives a GPS location of where you are and makes it to you within 30 minutes of your request. Once you hand over the cash, you get notifications as to the status of the process throughout. And also finally when the transaction is complete and your wallet is topped up.

In this way, your safety and the safety of your hard earned money is ensured. With that out of the way and your wallet full of cash again, you can continue to go about your day to day life with added convenience of making bill payments such as your Vodafone postpaid bill payment or your Airtel postpaid bill payment online save yourself a trip to the nearest outlet. With the benefit of a free payment gateway the options are endless, you can shop online, pay your utilities, get groceries for home all with one small and powerful device.