How a Ballistic Shield Gives Swat Teams Another Level of Protection

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A police officer is a dangerous career. These dangers are even more heightening for the SWAT team. They are usually called in for high risk situations. The SWAT team provides support, protection, firepower and rescue to police operations. Read on to find out how a ballistic shield give tactical teams another level of protection.

What is a Ballistic Shield?

A ballistic shield is a type of portable cover. It is a tool that many tactical teams use to respond to critical incidents. This shield does not stop sniper rounds and rifle rounds. It has to be of a high-level bunker unit quality to stop those types of rounds. This shield is another live saving tool to have in your tactical bag.

How Does A Ballistic Shield Work?

A ballistic shield can make a big difference when entering an armed encounter. Tactical teams have to deploy to a high-risk scene and use a shield as a cover. If you are trying to rescue hostages, then you have to use multiple cover points. For example, you would use a tree for cover and stay behind the shield when moving towards danger.

It also helps to practice shooting with a shield. You need to shoot while moving, for stability and for accuracy.

Perform a Test

Most tactical teams go through training. They are always learning new safety methods. There are also training sessions to test the effectiveness of equipment. The ballistic shield test is a technique for testing the effectiveness of your shield.

This test consists of firing rounds into the shield from a .45 caliber handgun and 9mm handgun. It is important to not skip out on testing the effectiveness of your equipment. Good safety equipment can save your life.

A volatile situation can occur at any time in law enforcement. It is important to not be complacent and to prepare for any situation. Police officers have to keep their professionalism and not be baited into a dangerous situation. If you stay aware and on top of training, then you can prevent a scene from getting out of control.