Habits for a Healthier Work Life

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Desk jobs are everywhere in the modern world, and far too many people spent their days hunched over a computer clicking away and hidden from the sunlight. For many employees, bad habits are easy to slip into and by the time you take steps to correct them have already started to cause pain in your daily life. Here are a few ways to protect yourself and build smarter habits.

Day to Day Changes

Set an alarm for every hour to get up and stretch, walking around the office for a minute or two to get the blood flowing and your eyes off the computer screen. Use this time as a reminder to sit a little straighter as well, and ensure that you have your wrists well-supported to minimize the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Regular Practices

Practicing yoga several times a week may help keep you limber and less stiff. Having a regular chiropractic massage Hillsboro OR may help your body straighten out and might help relieve the headaches that come from slouching in front of blue light all day. Make sure that your pillow and bed are supportive for your back and neck.

Future Plans

Work with your employer to see if you are able to install a standing desk, or change your chair to be more ergonomic. See if there are projects you can work on that require more in-person conversations or allow you to read articles off-screen. Schedule meetings to give yourself time away from your computer.

Protecting your back, neck, wrists, and eyes are all important for long term health. Making regular habits to soothe the aches and strains may be beneficial for your body in the decades to come. These changes can take time to implement, but they may pay back dividends in better health for your future.