Graduation Gifts to Show School Spirit

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If your child has graduated from high school and is moving on to the college of her dreams, celebrate with a gift that commemorates the achievement and showcases her love for her current or future alma mater. The present you choose is sure to give her feelings of nostalgia for her high school days or a sense of excitement for what lies ahead.

Colorful Treats

If the way to get to your child is through her sweet tooth, say “congratulations” with a gift featuring spirited confections. After she walks to get her diploma, hand her graduation candy bouquets with her favorite sweets wrapped in ribbons in school colors. You can also purchase chocolate roses in shades that represent her future college or create a lei with colorful cellophane tubes filled with small treats.

Commemorative Comfort

Help your child look back on everything she loved about high school with a t-shirt quilt featuring swatches of clothing that she no longer wears but can’t bear to part with. Gather shirts that she received from different campus clubs and organizations, that she purchased to show her love for favorite bands and television shows or that she always loved wearing to class. Then either design the blanket yourself or send the garments to a service that will create the gift for you.

Spirited Memories

Give your child a way to remember good times from her high school days and reserve a space for a great memory in the future. Offer her picture frames in the colors of her two campuses and package them with a set of paint pens that she can use to doodle on the borders. Encourage her to write favorite quotes, her goals, names of favorite friends and cherished memories, for instance.

Graduation is a time to celebrate past accomplishments and anticipate future ones. Show your child that you’re proud of both with a gift that she will appreciate and cherish.