First Aid Tips for Convulsions

Epilepsy is identified as a common yet, serious neurological disorder which manifests in the form of recurring incidents, demonstrated in the form of loss of consciousness. Termed as a seizure or convulsion in medical parlance, this situation majorly occurs on account of an unusual electrical activity in the brain. Usually diagnosed after the person has suffered more than one such seizure, this troubled condition speaks volumes of an underlying neurological problem that needs to be treated. It is for this purpose that Zigy, the online pharmacy India platform has a host of wellness products that have a positive bearing on the working of the brain. And it is for this purpose, it is important to be informed of the first aid that needs to be administered to a patient suffering a seizure to come as a helping hand to people suffering from this disorder.

Presence of mind goes a long way in tackling unforeseen exigencies, more so when it concerns the well-being of a patient with a history of epilepsy. The following pointers will thus serve as first aid tips to help a troubled person wriggle out of his debilitating condition with least discomfort.

Comfort is Paramount – First and foremost, it is very important to ensure the comfort of the patient by loosening the clothing, especially around the neck. It is also advisable not to make him lie down forcibly as this might deteriorate the condition. It is also important to abstain from inserting objects into the mouth of the person which can also lead to an injury.

Make Room –It is a common sight for passers-by to crowd around the suffering person. It is hence the prerogative of a strong person to take the situation in his reins by reassuring his family members to stay away, allowing the patient to breathein fresh air.

Safety Considerations – A person suffering from a seizure will not have control over his senses and hence should be kept away from sharp objects and edges including glass tops, furniture and other articles which can inflict injury.

Reassuring the Patient – With the passing of critical moments, it is the need of the hour to lay the person on his side. This is done to clear the airway enabling the patient to breathe normally, this also prevents him from ingestingthe secretions that were produced during the seizure. Words have the strength to help a person find his way out of the woods. While stocking medicines online is a wise move to be prepared, reassurance proves to be helpful in treating epilepsy. And it is for this reason that the comforting words of well-wishers will help an epileptic person deal with his troubled condition in a better way.

Prevention is better than cure! In line with this adage, Zigy offers a host of health care products in the form of vitamin supplements that feature as part of alternative treatments for epilepsy.