Facts About PACS

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When medical personnel talks about PACS, there may not be a concise idea as to what exactly this is. A PACS system is actually a form of technology that incorporates medical imaging. It is used nearly exclusively in the medical community. Its main purpose is to store, retrieve and transmit electronic images and forms that are otherwise confidential.

By using this type of technology, there is an elimination of the need to withdraw the files manually or to even store them in a conventional sense. They are all stored digitally so that the cost of storage is almost eliminated. Everything is backed up on an offsite server so that you never have to worry about losing any of that oh-so-crucial information.

The main department in a hospital setting which uses PACS are radiologists. These have historically been the biggest purchasers of this type of software from pacs system vendors. However, they are also used in such departments as oncology, nuclear medicine imaging, and several others.

The images are used to help to diagnose and treat the disease or abnormality the patient is afflicted with. The images can also be used by physicians to create a database of scans of normal patients so they can be referenced at a later time.

When certain patient data is stored in a digital manner, it can be used to ensure the safest manner in which prescriptions are filled. It can also save the patient money as well as the hospital.

As you can see, there are some great reasons to buy and use the PACS medical machines. There is no reason not to and it can actually work to save your life one day. Be thankful that these were invented and are now used so frequently. They are certainly worth it.