Dayanna Volitich on How to Be a Good Sports Writer

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Dayanna Volitich has many passions in life. Two of those are sports are journalism. It is no surprise, therefore, that she chose to look into the possibilities of becoming a sports writer. However, she quickly found that this is a highly competitive career and that it is very important to be able to develop yourself so that you stand out from the crowd. Thankfully, she came across a number of important tips to help her be successful.

Dayanna Volitich on Whether or Not to Be a Sports Writer

Sports writers are responsible for making sure that fans remain fully up to date on the latest news and developments of their favorite team. They write reports on the events that happened during specific games, while at the same time also often writing opinion pieces. For instance, they will discuss how they believe a coaching strategy, a free agent, or a player trade will impact the team. Additionally, they often write about newly recruited players, about playoff predictions, and about team dynamics. Effectively, sports writers will discuss any and all elements related to a game.

Because of the changes in media, sports writing jobs with newspapers are now few and far between. Indeed, the greatest opportunities are online. This also means that the majority of sportswriter are now freelance agents who go out and find their own stories, syndicating those to major news outlets. While this does mean that they can work according to their own schedule, they do still have to meet very tight deadlines and often have to work incredibly long hours.

In order to become a sports writer, it is generally required to obtain a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Here, prospective writers develop important key skills, including writing skills and extensive knowledge of different sports. Sports writers must also be able to work independently, be very determined, and be highly persistent. One of the reasons why it is so important for a sports writer to complete a bachelor’s degree is because most real have to complete an internship, providing them with the experience that prospective employers look for.

Steps to Becoming a Sports Writer

According to Dayanna Volitich, there are a number of steps ever aspiring sports writer should go through in order to become successful. They are:

  1. Gain knowledge in sports. It is best to gain as much knowledge as possible about all the different parts, while emphasizing one single one.
  2. Complete a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a specialization in sports if possible. Not all journalism schools will offer sports concentrations but almost all of them offer at least sports reporting classes.
  3. Complete an internship, preferably in an organization that is relevant to the sports industry.
  4. Advance through the courier by being happy to start at the bottom and working your way up.

Becoming a sports writer requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. Only those who are truly passionate about it are likely to make it. However, those that do have a fascinating career ahead of them.