Confronting Oxycodone Cravings During Recovery

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Oxycodone is a highly addictive prescription drug that was first introduced during World War I. The drug binds to opiate receptors in the brain and achieves painkilling effects for even the most severe of pain. Since it’s a prescription drug, it can be obtained legally by doctor’s prescription. For this reason, many people inadvertently find themselves addicted to oxycodone in the United States and they do not know what to do once it becomes obvious that addiction symptoms are arising. What began as a treatment option for pain becomes an addiction deadlier than the initial pain. For this reason Florida Oxycodone detox centers are often very busy with clients.

Others might begin using oxycodone for recreation because of its many common opiate effects, such as a feeling of euphoria or relaxation. Some experience sedative effects from the medication that makes them gradually use more and more to experience the same effects (tolerance). As tolerance builds, oxycodone users begin to experience negative consequences for their use which can include:

– Financial losses
– Family and relationship problems
– Physical side effects such as tiredness and insomnia
– Physical withdrawal symptoms when the addiction progresses
– Legal problems related to the way the addict might obtain extra doses

All of these problems are just the beginning for oxycodone users who’ve slipped into the nightmare of addiction. For some, oxycodone will rob them of home, occupation, family, and sanity. These are the users who will eventually walk into the door of a detox and seek help. When they do, drug cravings will become apparent.

Understanding the phenomenon of craving

When people first begin using a drug like oxycodone, they don’t naturally crave it. Their brain chemistry has not been altered by the drug yet. After a period of time using the drug regularly, the brain chemistry of a person changes so that the brain is used to functioning normally only when the drug itself is in the user’s system.

The phenomenon of craving has plagued opiate addicts and scientists alike for years. Addicts suffer from it and scientists have failed to properly pinpoint the exact science of what makes craving develop. Because of this, there is not as of yet a way to curb cravings completely. If you’ve been using oxycodone regularly for years, you will crave the drug once you cease to use it. It will take some time for your body to stop craving the drug. During craving, you may experience a number of psychological and physical symptoms which a drug detox can help you control and get through comfortably.

You may experience…

– Nausea
– Intense emotional swings
– Fantasies of using the drug in the method you normally did
– Feel obsessed with obtaining the drug you want
– Be unable to think of little else besides the drug you are addicted to

All of these feelings are uncomfortable and they certainly should be addressed with a good inpatient detox counselor. They can help you find ways to manage the symptoms and continue to benefit from group meetings and counseling sessions aimed at helping you resist craving.

Resisting craving

Cravings are a natural part of recovery. There’s nothing abnormal about craving a drug you’ve used for a long time and feeling like you don’t know how to function without it. Every addict must begin by stopping the drug they’re addicted to and this will bring about craving. It’s your body and mind telling you that in order to work normally, they’ll be needing the drug you’ve given them for so long. The great news is that craving does not last forever! In fact, in a few weeks, the worst part of early recovery cravings will cease.

There will be times, perhaps all through life, when every addict craves their drug of choice. Learning to identify the triggers that cause craving will help. In inpatient treatment, you will learn how to pinpoint those triggers that make you want to use oxycodone and then you will learn ways to resist the urge to use and come out a healthier and stronger person. Every craving that you resist shows you the truth: You CAN live without oxycodone. You just have to train your body and mind how to do so again.

Florida detoxes are there to help those who are addicted to oxycodone. No matter how your addiction came about, help is out there for those who truly want to get better.