Cleaning the Worst Parts of Your Home

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There’s always that one chore that you avoid at all costs. It might be because it’s a gross task, or maybe a daunting one that takes forever. Fear not. Learn to conquer those icky chores by taking some shortcuts.

Ceiling Fan Blades

Whether your ceiling fan has plastic blades or wooden ones, it can be a difficult task. Make sure that the fan is powered off, then find your step stool or ladder. Using an old pillowcase, tuck the blades inside the case and gently wipe the dust off of all the sides. The mess is contained inside the pillowcase and you are left with clean fan blades.


For whatever reason cleaning the microwave seems to be a universally hated task. Make it easier on yourself. Fill a glass measuring cup with warm water and about a quarter cup of lemon juice. Microwave for a minute or two and let the steam loosen food particles and grease. From there, use a damp rag and a mild detergent to wipe out all the grossness. Clean the revolving plate in the sink with dish soap and hot water.


If you see that your walls are starting to look worse for the wear, save your back. If you have a steam mop, attach a microfiber cleaning cloth and mop your walls. If you don’t have one, a padded dust mop with an old sock fit over it works great too. Fill a bucket with warm water, dish soap and vinegar and get those walls shining again.

Stove Vent

Grease and other food matter begin to clog up the vent on the stove. When everything is powered off, remove the stove vent. Boil a pot of hot water with two tablespoons of baking soda and one cup of vinegar. Let your vent soak in the solution until it looks clean, then use kitchen tongs to flip it to the other side. Get these easy-to-avoid jobs done in an efficient, thorough way. This will leave you more time for what you actually want to be doing!