Ceramic Fiber Can Be Used in Many Ways

Top quality high temperature ceramic fiber insulation products can satisfy many insulation needs.

TaoFibre ceramic fiber cloth, sleeving, and tape are flexible fabrics and are made with alumina-silica ceramic fiber free of asbestos.  Fiberglass filament and Inconel wire are incorporated into the yarn to increase the tensile fabric strength. The uses are for seals, gaskets, welding curtains and blankets, exhaust hood curtains, pipe wrapping, pipe hanger insulation, cable and wire insulation, heat zone separators on furnaces, furnace coil insulation, high pressure steam portable flange covers, and infrared radiating diffusers.

These materials resist reduction and oxidation. If they get wet, once they are dried, the thermal properties are restored. They have excellent chemical stability except with concentrated alkalis and phosphoric or hydrofluoric acids.

The products can be used for thermal protection in a multitude of high temperature industries such as refinery, aluminum, copper, iron and steel, cement, industrial furnaces, glass making, and others.

The materials exhibit high temperature stability for continuous use at temperatures up to 1430°C (2600°F). All of the products have low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance, and have superior corrosion resistance.

Some of the products are:

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

This is the best option to use if you need industrial high temp insulation, insulation for low heat storage, and complete thermal shock resistance. These blankets are produced from high strength spun ceramic fibers, are thermally efficient, and are lightweight. The blankets are ideal to use with boilers, furnaces, high temperature pipe insulations, and nuclear insulation.

Ceramic Fiber Paper

That is made through a fiber washing process and consists primarily of high purity alumino-silicate fiber. The paper is lightweight, has structure uniformity, low thermal conductivity, and resistance to corrosion and thermal shock. It can be used in various refractory and sealing applications.

Multi-Ply Ceramic Fiber Rope

The ropes are twisted together multiple plies of wicking made of the ceramic fibers. The standard three-ply rope is relatively soft and is the most economical. HD nine-ply rope provides increased compression resistance and strength and is about 50 percent higher in density. Both ropes are also available with a wire mesh covering, which drastically increases the resistance to mechanical abuse.

CeramSource Inc. has been a supplier of these TaoFibre products since 1999 and carries a large selection and complete line of economical ceramic fiber products.