Blake Rubin Facebook Investigates the American Cosa Nostra

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The American Cosa Nostra is better known by people as the mafia. It is a criminal society that first started in Sicily, but arrived on the East Coast of this country in the 19th century. It has shaped this country in numerous ways. For instance, it is because of the Mafia that the RICO Act exists. Blake Rubin Facebook has decided to investigate just who the Mafia is, and what their role has been in this country.

Blake Rubin Facebook on the Mafia’s History

Before the Mafia became famous for their 70,000 or so known victims, their fraud and scamming activities, and pretty much every single FBI probe ever, they were known for their bravery. Italy in the 19th century was not a good place to be, and many Italians and Sicilians decided to find their fortune in America instead. The majority hoped to finally get a regular payday, but others decided to further grow their criminal organization in the new world.

The Mafia is now known by virtually everyone. While their reach is becoming less strong, they are still found in a variety of different states and cities. There are a number of known Mafia families still active today, including:

  • The Patriarca family in New England.
  • The Detroit Partnership in Detroit.
  • The Chicago Outfit in Chicago.
  • Various families in the New York Metropolitan area.

It is believed that there continue to be some 26 different Mafia families today, all offshoots of the original Cosa Nostra family. Because they originally arrived in New York, this has always been the heart of the organization as well. They first started with the “black hand”, which meant they extorted other immigrants. Quickly, they moved onto murder, robbery, kidnapping, drugs and alcohol, prostitution, and loan sharking. They offered new immigrants an opportunity to rise out of poverty and to fight against the anti-Italian sentiments of the days, and this meant many were happy to engage in criminal activities.

It is believed that Giuseppe Esposito, who murdered 13 high-ranking individuals in Italy, was the first Mafioso to come to America. However, in 1881, he was arrested in New Orleans and sent back to Italy. New Orleans also saw the country’s first incident relating to the Mafia, which took place on October 25, 1890, when the superintendent of New Orleans Police was executed.

One of the things that enabled the Mafia to become so powerful, however, was racism. As people continued to have anti-Italian sentiments, new immigrants were more likely to find other Italian communities and join forces. These communities became infested more and more with the Mafia, slowly taking over. And while their activities were somewhat limited until 1920, the American Prohibition then started, which changed everything. Two major Mafia factions developed, who were at war with each other as well. The body count became higher and higher as time went on, and it wasn’t long until some Mafia members started to talk to law enforcement officials. To this day, however, some Mafia activity still continues.