Best Ways to Protect Your Smart Devices

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With the advances in technology, people tend to use smart devices in their home more often than ever before. The types of smart devices people use have also become extremely varied. Starting from a television to a refrigerator, everything is inter-connected now. So there are new risks for hacking and unauthorized access to our private data. This is because all the smart devices in a home are connected to the same home network.

To prevent your smart home from being attacked by hackers or pried by virtual intruders, you have to secure your home’s smart devices. People follow several different techniques and methods for this purpose but sometimes aren’t able to ensure complete IoT security. Below we provide some of the best ways to protect your home’s smart devices:

Use multifactor authentication

Generally, you protect your smart devices with a password but this is not enough. Add an extra authentication layer other than the password.  This extra layer of authentication serves as a stronger security measure for your smart devices. This could be a one-time password that is received by text or phone, or a security key to prevent the unauthorized person’s access to your smart devices.

Most of the service providers offer two-step authentication that a user can opt into under “Settings.” You can use some other methods such as the biometric authentication like a thumbprint or an eye scan as a two-step authentication

Keep the security features of your devices up-to-date

This is an important step to do. You have to maintain the security features of your smart devices up-to-date especially on new devices. This is like updating software on your mobile phone and it provides security for updated viruses and worms. If you do not update your device’s security then the device is vulnerable to dangerous malware. Most of the smart home devices do not update on their own. So, you have to look for its update feature every once in a while.

Install any malware protection

Make use of malware protection programs like antivirus software. This is because these programs are important as they have inbuilt firewalls that allow the user to choose which application you run on your mobile phone or system. For example, if an app comes that is never used before then the program will alert the user about the app and quarantine it if it is a malicious one.

Most of the antivirus programs provide protection against most of the known viruses. So, using an antivirus application is definitely a good option. Also, users can get some of the powerful antivirus software like Norton Antivirus or Bitdefender for an affordable price. Spending a bit for the security of your smart devices is a must.

Don’t use public Wi-Fi to access home devices

One of the common mistakes that people do is using the public wi-fi for accessing their home devices. This is a wrong thing to do that absolutely opens the gateway for accessing your smart devices. This is because public Wi-Fi is not protected and secured and may allow unauthorized persons to enter your network.