A Short Guide to Professional Industrial Tank Repair

If you are running an industrial facility, it is highly likely you have one or more tanks in use. A tank is an integral part in most industrial facilities and it is used for different purposes. Whether you have a nuclear plant or a manufacturing facility, you will need tanks for mixing, storage among other applications. Like with any other component in an industrial plant, proper maintenance of your industrial plants is crucial.

Industrial tank maintenance and repair enhances safety, boosts efficiency and helps avoid costly replacement. These tanks are expensive and whatever the size of your facility, it is important to have them working optimally to avoid unnecessary damage.  By calling in an expert to carry out regular maintenance of your storage and mixing tanks you will deal with any emerging problems in a preventive mode.

The cost of maintenance is lower than replacing damaged parts and you are assured that your tanks are performing optimally. This is because safety and sanitary conditions are checked and approved.

What Does Industrial Tank Repair Entail?

Regular inspection and industrial tank repair is a crucial part in the proper maintenance of your facility. Among the tasks involved in such repairs are:

  • Tank inspection using the latest technology
  • Under-pressure leak sealing
  • Roof plate repair and replacement
  • Pit welding of corroded areas
  • Cathodic Protection and Leak Detection
  • Fittings and Appurtenances
  • Fixed and Floating Roof Repairs and Replacements
  • Leak repair
  • Safety inspections
  • Bottom Replacements
  • Documentation and reports required by state regulators as regards inspection and maintenance.
  • Proper environmental safeguards during repairs. This eliminates contamination of the ecosystem around the plant.

Different types of tanks require specialized cleaning and it is advisable not to try any DIY cleaning or repairs.  By using the services of an established industrial plan maintenance service you are assured of effective diagnostic inspection to identify any problems.  Your workers don’t have the necessary tools and expertise to carry out comprehensive inspections both on the inside and outside surfaces.

More importantly, industrial tank repair works hand in hand with safety inspection to ensure the work done meets the highest stands in the industry. Such safety standards are set by OSHA, Browz, ISNetworld among others. The idea is to work under a highly structured and effective Safety Management System which guarantees the safety of the client, employees and the structure.

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